Saturday, August 9, 2008

More on Saturday @ Pocono

So what's Saturday @ the track without shopping? Angie took a bunch of shots with Bobby's trailer. She was all happy that the trailer was out of the Texas Tuff shirt she bought @ the June race, 'cause that meant not a lot of people would be wearing it on Sunday. She didn't actually buy anything at Bobby's trailer but she did buy a black no fear boybeater and a long sleeve yellow Sprint Cup shirt. I made out pretty well at Tony's trailer. Everything was on sale. I didn't want anything that was all about the 20 or Depot, but went for stuff that really features Tony. So I got 2 tank tops, a t-shirt, a fleece blanket (came in really handy on Sunday) a flag, coffee mug and a die cast - all for under $50!!
Here's angie and I in the stands before the ARCA race.
I've been rooting for Dexter Bean out of Wisconsin in the ARCA series mostly because his main sponsor is Glock. (my husband says talk about playing to a demographic) Of course since I was rooting for him near the end of the race he's in the top 5, some idiot hits Kimmel who totals the 37! Curt was rooting for Chrissie Wallace ( more stones than Juan Pablo in June - her car caught fire, there was a huge flash that went over the whole car, and she DROVE it back to the pits!) then the girl in the supercuts car (don't remember her name) I can't really say anything about his rooting for women - not wth how obsessive I get over Tony!
The kid that won it had a really impressive burnout. I really thought he was doing a Jeff Gordon and putting his fromt bumper against the wall but when I took a picture of the rubber marks he was no where near the wall. I would have had an awesome shot of the car coming out of this huge cloud of smoke but i hit the off button instead of the shutter !! AARRrgghhhhhhhhh!

Ok- next post Sundays race.

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  1. I have a bunch of pics of my friend's butt because I kept hitting the shutter thinking it was the off button. Maybe if you put us together we could figure out how to work a camera. lol


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