Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Noro Taiyo it was Noro Taiyo! I couldn't remember the name of this yarn I was telling Sandy and Grace about this afternoon! It's a bulky weight wool/silk/cotton yarn. I really hate that!! When I can actually see it all except for the name on the label.
So yes, I met up with Grace and Sandy at Mara's. The other 2 people who had expressed interest couldn't make it this week. We had fun. I had a slice of apple caramel cheesecake that was absolutely sinful. And a wonderful cafe latte. Grace was working on a gorgeous piece of lace. Sandy was working on a sweater that she is going to steek. I think there is a reason steek rhymes with EEEK! I am definitely not ready for that yet. But the colors she picked out look wonderful together. I worked more on the ripple 'ghan. I'm almost to the next white stripe. yay!

When I went to Ace over the weekend to get the webbing, I also picked up some more toggles in their craft section so stay tuned for more stitch markers. I have a bunch of alphabet beads so I am sort of vacillating between knitting words (knit, purl, ssk, don't think i have numbers for k2tog) or names ( angel, maria, etc) OR maybe I'll use red and black beads and make SMOKE!


  1. thanks for visiting my blog... also, thank you so much for the compliment! the amulet is my first weaving project since making potholders in childhood.

    love the noro yarn and the afghan sounds lovely (pic?)

  2. fabulous yarn the colors are totally awesome!!!! I knew it was an M or a T but didn't know all the names well enough! Had a great time today, can't wait to do it again

  3. "I really hate that!!"

    Does that mean you hate the Noro yarn or you hate you couldn't remember. I used some Noro yarn for some Christmas gift mittens last year and I really didn't like the yarn. Maybe I will have to give it another try.

  4. Steek rhymes with eek = awesometastic! And I think I quite agree. I'm pretty fearless about most knitting things but steeking- nuh-uh.

  5. Wow - love the yarn!

    I also wanted to say thanks - as I have never ever heard of 'steeking' before... so just had a quick look on wikipedia. Yes, I would agree that Steek and eek go very very well together!!

    I love learning new terms!


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