Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend update

I had a workout this weekend. I need a new couch for in front of the tv. I've been saying that for awhile now and actually did look at couches about 6 months ago, but only half-heartedly. Well now I had to get out snips and cut a coil spring that decide to stab me. So Friday night we went to Ashley and Suburban. I hate the weird short pillow arms a lot of the couches have now. And I felt like goldilocks , too hard, too soft, there were a couple that were too hard underneath the too soft. weird huh? Then we stopped at Jennifer on the way home They actually had 3 that I could work with. And all three came in dark chocolate. But, Curt wanted to check out more places. So Saturday morning while Angie was in tennis practice, we went down to Totowa. Went to Bob's, Raymour and Flannagan, Penny's and Macy's. Funny thing while we were in Macy's, the sales lady swooped down, I had my fill of salespeople, and wandered away as she's talking to us. So now I'm walking around, sitting on couches and Curt is about 150 feet behind me and he can't shake this lady. I'm sitting , standing, moving on and this lady is attached to Curt like a magnet. So I start to giggle. Giggle some more. FInally I'm walking around Macy's Furniture Store laughing. Anyone seeing me would have thought I was certifiable. Finally I turned looked at Curt and said I hate everything here and left. Curt followed me kinda pissed. Then when he found out what I was laughing about he was more pissed. But I bought him sushi for lunch and earned my way back into his good side. HEe hee hee hee. So we then went back to Jennifers and settled on the couch that Angie actually liked best the night before. it's a dual recliner. I'm going to be spoiled! So during the course of the weekend I sat in and got up from hundreds (want to say thousands but that would be an exageration) of couches. some of the really soft ones were a challenge to get out of. Some of the shorter softer ones were really tough. So - I'm not sure what kind of squatty exercise it was but it was a leg workout!!

Sunday I had to fix my Easy-up Canopy that I use for tailgating at the races. As you may recall there was serious rain in the Pocono's during the race at the beginning of the month. And I discovered 2 things. The solid wall does keep out even driving forceful wind until the tab that gets the peg hammered through rips off. And the mesh side (which the salesguy sad would keep out ran) only keeps out a drizzle. so while I have 2 mesh sides, I only have one solid side, and as I mentioned one of the tabs ripped. The second thing I discovered is that on the fabric portion of the canopy rain leaks in where the velcro tabs that keeps the fabric on the frame. But not all of them just some of them. Of course, did i do anything to distinguish the leaks from the non-leaks? NOOOOOOO that would be too easy, that would make sense. So I set the frame up on the grass. Curt (trying to be helpful I guess) raises it up to it's full height. How tall does he think i am?? So I lower it to just before fold down, so I can put the fabric over it upside down, and proceded to put 2 coats of sealer on all the tabs and then on all the seams. Later in the afternoon, I then turned ot the right way, and just as a safeguard, sprayed the outside with 2 coats of Scotchguard waterproofing spray. It was a bit windy for this endeavor, so I'm not sure how this will end up. Then I had to go to ACE and buy webbing, because our old cart broke, and we made a new one (pic's later in the week) to cart the canopy and chairs and stuff. ( we already have the rolling cooler. Why this sudden flurry of activity you ask? Sunday we are going to the new roadcourse track they built in South Jersey. I mean way way South Jersey. South of Atlantic City South Jersey. Think there may still be rebels around South Jersey. We are going to see the Rolex series race. Rolex, not really my cup of tea, but as Curt doesn't complain about years of being dragged to different NASCAR events I owe him one at least. ( I keep telling him I'm ok if he wants to go to Mid-Ohio or Trois Rivieres) Of course this is just a trial run as far as I'm concerned. The ARCA series will be at NJ Motorsports park at the end of Sept.


  1. I can identify with your couch shopping. We looked for a year and then went back and purchased the first couch we looked at!

  2. can;t wait to see pictures of the new couch!!! I could use a new one, but TOm has it broken in the way he likes it!!! Oh well I really want bedroom furniture more but even that will be a ways off!!!

  3. Your couch shopping sounds like my couch shopping. I thought of Goldilocks, too. And we couldn't agree on anything! It took forever! I'm from NJ too and I know all the stores you went to, small world.


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