Sunday, August 17, 2008


My 9er's won! yay! Ok so there is some hope for my mental state this fall. After the beating they took from the Raiders last weekend, I was not too optimistic. Of course pre-season means absolutely nothing. But at least they found some sort of working offense.

We drove out to Lancaster county this weekend. We went to kitchen kettle village- hit the jam and jelly shop, of course had to get fudge. i was good with the fudge. Usually I fall for the whole buy 3 slices get 1 free, throw out 2 later in the week. Soooo i got one cookies and cream slice for Ange and one maple walnut for curt and I. I bought Angie some really nice silver/fake diamond texas star earrings. She wore them to dinner yesterday, but I didn't get a closeup shot, and she says she's not wearing them again until the 1st day of school in a couple weeks. We also hit some outlets along route 30. I got a new pair of Sketchers for work. Curt and Angie convinced me I should get the pair w/o laces as I haven't tied my laces at work in over a year. Usually I buy several pairs to last the year, but i just got one this time. never fear! Sketchers will be opening an outlet @ Tannersville in October so either way, I can get some more this fall. i got a car coaster - fit's in the cupholder of the car and absorbs spills somehow, it's stone like. Curt got one that was a red panic button and one that was a green eject button. i got one with a psychotic cartoon character on it that says Do I Look Like a People Person? hee hee.

This morning we went to Cabella's. They were having a sidewalk clearance sale! Jackpot! Got a bunch of stuff, really wanted this crossbow that was orig $1999.00 and was down to $500, but that would have seriously blown my cash for awhile so I passed on it:(

I did get 3 squares for my red/white/blue 'ghan for VJGC done on the trip. I did 2 today. Yesterday I sort of fell asleep when we hit Route 78 and only sort of was conscious on and off after we got off on 501.

We did get home in time to watch the NASCAR race. Not a spectacular finish for tony, but he did what he had to do and Denny and Jeffie had issues so he moved up to 6th. He seriously needs to win something in the next 3 or come the chase he's at the back. Still Love him though!

Too tired to download my camera so--- here's a pic of the package I sent out for the caffeine swap. Superstarved1 finally got it so I can post the pic now. One kinda embarassing aside - I read on someone's blog that they gave their treats from a swap to someone else 'cause they couldn't have sugar. I SWORE it was her's so I sent the sugar free tea rings. Well it wasn't her! Geez! At least she liked them..

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