Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ok - so several people have asked about Wile E.'s hat that was mentioned a few posts ago by curt. So here it is. Wile E and his infamous hat. When I forst learned to knit 4 years ago, I got kinda cocky about the whole deal. So I bought this purpley yarn and was going to knit a hat for my daughter. Of course the woman who rarely uses a recipe while cooking decides - I don't need a pattern, how hard could it be to make a hat? (this was before I knew about all the online pattern resources, but I don't know even if I did if I would have used one) It was also my first attempt to use circular needles. So I knew how to decrease, but not how to increase so I cast on and started working my way up. Made a brim, and started decreasing. Well problem number 1 - my circ's started getting too big. problem number 2- when layed flat it looked like a cool hat, when put on an actual head it no longer looked like a hat. it was not evenly hat shaped. It looked very weird. So, the Wile E that usually lives in the dining room was put into service while I tried to figure out what went wrong. Of course he doesn't have a people head . It looks like a kinda cool bucket hat on him. And since he needs a hole for his ears, the fact that the circs couldn't go down smaller didn't matter anymore. So I bound it off and it became Wile E's hat. So here is the updated ripple 'ghan picture. It is now 19 inches long. It needs to be 45 inches long. Sigh. It is just 194 stitches each row and so boring that I have trouble knitting more than the 3 row pattern at one sitting. I have gotten 11 repeats ( 33 rows) - basically from above the last white stripe done since my last update on it. After my next white stripe ( 9 rows away) the pattern goes to 4 repeats of orange not 6 between the colored stripes. Maybe switching colors more often will help with the motivation. Then after another 3black/3white stripes it goes to 2 repeats of orange. Sigh.

I had the 'ghan in my car all week, figuring i would work on it at lunch. But it was totally the wrong week to attempt that. Dennis was on vacation so I had to do all the counts, packdown tags, out of stock tags, price changes and orders for paint and decor as well as my regular work. Normally not a huge issue, but Dan was also on vacation in receiving. So while Tammy was covering daytime trucks outside with the propane forklift, she doesn't have a license to run the slip machine. So any truck that came in during the day( thank goodness most of our trucks come in after 4) that needed the slip to get the freight off, I needed to cover. Technically I was also covering the carpet trucks for Dan, but since I kinda took over all those trucks anyway in the beginning of July that was kind of business as usual. So I took a whole bunch of 31 minute lunches, coming back to unload waiting trucks. So with running to Dunkin Donuts to get coffee, I didn't really work too much on the 'ghan . Also since I have gotten spoiled with Dennis knocking on my car when it's time to go in, I couldn't really get as involved knitting as I would usually do.

Also, as school starts very soon, my daughter was kind of busy, and she wanted to drive herself to where she needed to go. (even 4 blocks she would normally have walked) So i spent a lot of time in abject terror in the passenger seat. She hasn't stalled the car when starting from a stop - even on hills- all week so there is some improvement. But she doesn;t want to slow down early or slow enough and whips around corners while I'm going brakebrakebrakebrakeBRAKEBRAKE!!!!! But she is getting better. Fortunately I'm getting all the extra gray's dyed with my roots this afternoon!

So I didn't get much done on my toe up sock. I only have 3/4 of an inch to go before I start turning the heel, but this project feels it is taking too long as well. Sigh


  1. The hat is cute. The ripple looks good love the colors.

  2. Love the wil-e hat. I was pretty ambiscious with my first knitting project and tried to knit my son a sweater. The sweater actually turned out decent, but the hood was about twenty sizes to big. You're afghan looks great too.

  3. I love hearing first knitting stories. They always give me encouragement. The thing I learn is to not do what they did, and if I have I always learn from them, Or you come up with something that can be used for something else, like in your case. The hat is cute on Wile E's Head.

  4. what is it about new drivers that don't know to slow down around turns and curves, my kids were all like that

    Love the knitting content and the afghan will get there!!! See you tomorrow I hope!

  5. ah.. here is pic of afghan... it looks great!

    lol... my son just got his learners permit... so i know all about abject passenger horror! lol


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