Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Knitting Updates

It's been crazy but here are my knitting updates and promised pictures. Above is the pair of flip flop "fittens" (foot mittens) I made up the pattern because my daughter likes to wear flip flops even when there is snow on the ground. I'm still not really happy with the bindoff on the big toe, but other than that I'm pretty satisfied with how they came out. I have discovered that it is hard to take a decent picture of a sock that is on your own foot, so you really don't see the split well.
This is the start of the lace anklet that I'm making with the yarn Sandy from Ravelry gave me. It is my first attempt at a toe up sock and it is going well so far. Of course the proof will be in the heel but I have a ways to go yet.
This is the promised picture of the yarn Sandy gave me ( one skein of the blue is not in the picture as it is already in use on the anklet) I'm going to use black sock yarn on the toes and ankles so I can make a pair of anklets out of the yellow/black skein. And I'm not quite sure what my daughter wants out of the purpley roll, but she loves the colors. (If you're reading this thanks again Sandy!)
I posted a picture of the package I sent Sherry M from my MSN knitting and crochet group. This is the package I got from her in the exchange. 2 bags, 2 hang over a knob towelish things, and a granny square. As well as a postcard and magnet from Chicago.

I am in another exchange on the Caffeine Addicts group on Ravelry. I need to stop by Mara's to get some coffee. I also need to pick up some yarn to send. My partner likes green and black, not my normal colors so it will be a bit challenging to find a yarn to send. We are also supposed to send stitch markers and a small knit/crocheted item. I am going to send a market bag ( not green and black I just can't work with those colors!) and I am trying to make stitch markers. I have a bunch of beading supplies from my brief foray into beading and it will put them to good use. If I can't make them come out good, while I am shopping for yarn I will have to pick some up at the yarn store.

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