Sunday, August 10, 2008

Knitting Updates

I really like all the fancy beaded stitch markers I see online and in the knitting magazines. I did have a short period of time when I thought I wanted to make beaded jewelry. But I have nails and I won't give them up for anything. So beading was a pretty frustrating hobby and it fell along the wayside with the many other crafty endeavors I flitted in and out of before finding knitting. (I think that's why so many of my family are outright amazed I'm still knitting) anyway... I decided that I would try to see if I could make my own markers. I have all the stuff necessary- except I couldn't find my jump ring closer , grrrr. My first attempt failed miserably- there is no photographic evidence of that debacle. I took them apart and tossed the wire findings put the beads back in the box and put the idea on the back burner. Well, after simmering for a while I took out my beads, findings and tools and made 2 sets. the charms say love, laugh, hope, dream, believe and the long one says live. This is destined for the swap I'll mail out on Monday - she likes green and black.
Not much progress on the sock. Only about 3 of the pattern repeats last week. usually I work on socks at lunch and other places outside of home, but I've been working on squares for my red/white/blue afghan for the Victory Junction Gang Competition. ( kasey Kahne is seriously in the lead) I did decide about halfway through the week that I didn't like the way it would look with the different patterns together, so it will be all granny squares. The 5 blocks I made already of different patterns, I'll either work more and make a different 'ghan or I'll mail them to Min who unbelievably has volunteers to seam squares together. The blocks I made this week are still in my car, so no pics at this time.

Here's the update on the ripple. I've managed to get past the next white stripe. it is only currently 16 inches long. So I'll need to get 4 more orange/black/orange/white sections plus an orange/black before I'm done. sigh. Well, hopefully I'll get some done during the race this afternoon.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Love the stitch markers, too.

  2. Love the stitch markers! I see you are a racing fan, I used to work in racing! Tony Stewart is a great driver and I'm a fan of his, too. Second at Watkins Glen last weekend, not too shabby!


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