Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A very good friend of mine sent me an e-mail the other day. Now just for the record I hate the gloom and doom chain mails that the internet has sprung forth on us. You know the ones forward to 26 single females with only one ovary or something terrible will happen. The ones that promise luck are just disguised. Forward to 5 people and something wonderful will happen - but you only have 5 minutes to do so, also implies that if that 5 minute deadline is not honored something bad will happen, doesn't it? Now if your e-mail is funny or touching or educational or just strikes my fancy I will probably forward it to people I think will like/enjoy/learn from it. But depending on the content I may forward it to one person or 20, it depends and I hate being told what to do. (for the record Gracie I did forward your e-mail to 6 people but after I edited all the crap off the top and bottom- basically it went out as you see it here.)

Now, the advice in the e-mail was I think universally good advice so I have cut out all the obnoxious stuff and have posted the body of the e-mail here.

Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other.

THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want.

FOUR. When you say, 'I love you,' mean it.

FIVE. When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye.

SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married.

SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight.

EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much.

NINE. Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely.

TEN... In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling.

ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives.

TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly.

THIRTEEN! .. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?'

FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk.

FIFTEEN. Say 'bless you' when you hear someone sneeze.

SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't lose the lesson.

SEVENTEEN. Remember the three R's: Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your actions.

EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

NINETEEN. When you realize you've made a mistake, take immediate steps to correct it.

TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice!

TWENTY- ONE. Spend some time alone.

A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.


  1. i don't know if you can believe it or not but the person who sent this too me is my son! I hope he really read it through!

  2. Very cool forward, I put on my blog for later tonight!


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