Monday, April 27, 2009

Mostly for Grace and Jacqui

It has been really really hot. I don't know if we've broken any records, but I can't recall it ever being over 90 in April here. I spent most of the weekend inside ( in air) I finished my afghan at 5 am before it got too toasty. I did get some, but not much work done on my cozy also. My daughter, accidentally left a bag of frozen macaroni and cheese sauce on the counter when she got ice out of the freezer. It thawed. I was a bit leary of refreezing it - since it is my own concoction so I needed to use it. I really did not want to turn the oven on, so I lined a glass pyrex dish with foil, inside and out ,made some pasta, mixed the cheese sauce in topped it with leftover stuffing from stuffed mushrooms I made at Easter ( I made a lot, don't know why, froze it in a zip loc bag) I figured breadcrumbs, olive oil and melted butter, asiago, parmesan and romano cheese, dried garlic and onion flakes, oregano, basil and bacon bits. why not? Then I turned the grill on low and stuck it on the grill for 40 minutes. And it worked!_coyote0

Now here's the true kicker. those of you that know me well know I really don't do water. I'm afraid of rust. Seriously- coffee all day and evening with a break for tea in the late afternoon. The occasional beer. that's pretty much what I drink. Well this weekend I only had one cup of coffee each day! Really! I drank a lot of tea . Lots and lots of tea. I went through 34 tea bags. Granted I have a giant 4 cup mug which I toss 2 or 3 bags in but still a lot of tea. Then to top it off, I must have drank 16 glasses of waterdrinking ( ice tea glasses like 16 ounces!) How do I know? because that's the size glass I use and I squeeze 1/2 lemon in each one, and I went through 8 lemons in 2 days. lemons

I guess the usual spring temperature ramp up allows me more time to get used to the heat.


  1. wow you did good, very proud of you!!! Tom too cooked outdoors, no stove or ovens on in this house

    Tonight we are having the wrap that I had at Mara's on Friday

    Salad, nuts, blue cheese, turkey, sliced strawberries and raspberry balsamic vinigrette

    34 tea basgs wo! All regular or flavored ones too??

  2. Hi, thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out my socks progress. Your dish sounds great! I did not watch the race but this morning I did she the replay of the accident and wow! I really thought that car was going to go over or through that fence! amazing that he got out of the car okay. I hope the people with the injuries will be okay. Have a great week.

  3. We had that hot spell a week ago, it must have moved your way. It is cold again here, so you should get that next week.


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