Sunday, April 19, 2009


From Gracie's blog lovincomfortknits on Friday:
Vanessa tagged me with this Friday Meme
Friday's Question.....
If you had all the money in the world what 5 things would you do first with your money?
  • definitely have Tommo quit his job
  • pay off our bills and all of our childrens bills
  • give Tom a million and myself a million to share as we care to with our friends etc
  • build a log home with indoor swimming pool and lots of fireplaces in a very remote wooded location with a pond or small lake
  • save someone's home from foreclosure, we lost ours that way and it sucked, so we would try to spare someone, especially someone with kids from the same fate
and a 6th one go on a yarn spending frenzy!

NOW your turn to answer the question I am going to choose 4 people ..YOU CAN CHOOSE how many people you want to do this.

Jennifer C
and Melissa G
ok, now my answers:

1. pay for Angel's college and set her up in whatever career she choses.

2. set up a charity fund for the charities I already support . I always figure when people hit the lottery etc big, they get hit up by every charity out there. And I always said if I win a huge amount I'll give $$ to the charities I'm willing to give the money I work my ass off for now.

3. buy a house on the lake and a townhouse near a ski mountain. One would have to be big enough that I could fly in all my knitting/Nascar friends in on Sundays to watch the race.

4. Take a year off, buy a motorcoach, and go to all 38 (the 36 regular races, the all- star race and the bud shootout) of the year. (maybe if it's big enough to require a cdl - I'll just have to hire C to drive it around the country for me ;P)

5. Find something to do part-time (seriously I can't not - it's brain damage), give Curt the money to play with his hobbies as long as he does something functional at least part time too.

You know I rarely tag anyone- so if you're reading this and want to use this feel free.


  1. Great goals! And I'd probably have to do something part-time too, to keep my sanity!

  2. You're goals are a lot better than mine! I would be a stay at home mommy and pop out at least three more kids. And go yarn crazy.


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