Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!

easter bag

I told Curt no basket- I have too many baskets. I donated a bunch of old baskets to the school's tricky tray. So I got a Easter bag from him. He's such a sweetie!

We went to church early, and had breakfast with some friends. Later I'm going to my mom's for lunch with my sister and "joe". The only good thing is I found my sister the ideal birthday present. By my standards anyway. Seems thoughtful, but will ultimately mess with her head and cause stress. Hee hee hee. Miss prim and proper doesn't drink coffee. Only tea. brewed in a pot poured into a cup. with saucer. (not insulting any other tea drinkers out there - ok grace?) So when Curt and I had tea time last week the shop had this cute little gadget. It had 3 sand timers (they don't go an hour, can I still call them hourglasses??) different color sand. One is labeled light, one medium, one strong. There are minutes too, but I forget how many. Light should be labeled weak in my opinion, but to each there own. So anyway, she doesn't currently time her tea bags. She is now going to obsess about how long she likes her tea brewed. Seriously, I got her a tea basket with a little book as part of it. It had a section on the correct temperature to brew different types of tea. Two weeks later she ended up buying a thermometer. MWA HAhahahaha!

Then I'm going to my father in laws for dinner, with him and my dragon in law - I mean sister in law. Hopefully we'll get home in time for me to catch a bit of sleep before going to work tomorrow.


  1. hope you survived, loved your easter gift!!! And not insulted at all, i am still a tea in mug person even if I do brew it in a pot!!

  2. OMG that Godiva! WOW! Did your sister like her gift? Do you think she will get any sleep this week?


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