Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What the f wednesday

Total WTF kind of day today. (My friend would call it a Murphy's Day after Murphy's law) I swear my whole day has felt like a giant April Fool's Day joke, but unfortunately it was for real. For starters I worked a 13 hour day. And barely got more than my normal work done. First every count I had to do was on a pallet that had a problem. I had to drop down 4 skids out of the overhead every single one was mis-labeled. The asst mgr wanted me to drop a skid of granite and put it in the hole. The heaviest tile we had was on a broken skid on top of another skid so it didn't fit in the hole. I had to skootch it off so I could get it in. Took almost an hour. Ugh. Not even going to discuss my carpet issues ..yet. I got done with the work I'm supposed to have done by 10am at 2:15. Then since we arwe having "visitors" tomorrow I had this whole list of stuff which I did not even finish. I told them I'll see what I can do tomorrow, but I have a computer - not a magic wand!! Then since I was "in the building" could I help anthony out with a customer in carpet. OMG!! I wanted to hang myself, but kept a smile. 25 minutes later she opened a credit card and paid the 3000. I still got it. I really did help the lady though, whoever had originally helped her really didn't explain a lot, and the guy who did the site inspection confused her more. But I still got it.

Shall we discuss my carpet troubles now?? I have 2 empty pins on my carpet machine. Now Just for reference I am the best, seriously it's in my personnel file. I never have empty pins, but a few carpets were on backorder while the mills waited for yarn. (if the economy sucks that bad you'd think they'd have rolls ready to ship!) So both the rolls I need are on C's truck today. I know this because I called D at the terminal. She assured me the rolls were there but she warned me that C would be late because he broke down this morning, I swear his tractor cab thingy is in the shop more than any other truck I know of.
She didn't know what happened, where (as in how far from the terminal he was) , whether they could just bring hima new cab or not, how far behind this would put him. basically she knew nothing. You know the commercial for the pink panther where steve martin says, let me bring you up to speed, we know nothing, you are now up to speed, that was our convo.

I called C a couple hours later. He was still at his 10am stop. it was after 1230!! they didn't even have him backed in yet. they needed a mgr to clear the garbage from the dock and they were all in a mtg!!! he was kina screwed cause technically he was an hour late. and he still had 2 other stops before me. And because DOT says he can't drive more than 11 hours and be on duty more than 14, if he can't get to my dock by 5, he's got to go back to his terminal!! I swear I thought it was a f'd up april fools joke, but at 430 he still wasn't at my store. I checked receiving at 130- that's how sure I was it was a joke. I left so many instructions/threats the night guy in recv was like I know you like doing the carpets, I know everyone says your better at it than me, but I used to get it done, I'm sure this one time I can muddle through, and BTW I know you have it set so your truck comes early so Dan does it before I come in. And it's not just because you know how busy I get with the LTL carriers. I'm like hey, I help you out a lot. live with it, don't let my motives bother you. Cause honestly, he's a nice guy really but I just want my carpet right and if I step on a few toes... I make my friends outside of work anyway. Just aggravating.

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  1. i'm sorry.

    but that shot of tony is fab, even w/o the halo and caption!


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