Sunday, April 5, 2009

Angie update

After much lurking at the mailbox, Angie got the letter she was looking for. Out of 82 kids who applied, 57 made it into the National Honor Society. And Angie made it in!

She also made last Sunday's sports section in the spring track outlook. Last years girls team was undefeated in the regular season. There are 40 returning girls. 13 made the paper. Now she has to live up to the press! They did win their first dual meet so off to a good start.


I was somewhat feeling like a terrible Mom Friday night. We had a meeting for her trip to Ecuador, with the former head of security for the US Embassy complex in Quito. All these parents were freaking out because of the stuff going on in Mexico. And because they suddenly realized that their kids were going to a developing third world country and there is no cell service where they're going and how canthey be overprotective? I swear these people are going to spend the entire 22 days parked next to the phone. Me, I figure Ecuador is probably one of the safer countries in South America right now. Safer than Columbia definitely. As long as they understand how to act so they are not targeted for theft, and they stay together as a group, they should be ok. It is after all supposed to be a learning experience. But really letting her go to New York over Christmas was technically just as dangerous if you think about it. Just closer. Curt and I are actually thinking about taking one of the weeks as a vacation ourselves. WE figure we can still be reached via cell, Curt get's email on his cell so we are just as easy to get as at home. And as long as we bring our passports and aren't too far away from an airport, even if something god forbid happens, it won't be any harder to deal with. But really I'm not going to sit here and panic. She's getting her last bunch of shots next week, we're going to get her that bug netting to use with her sleeping bag, pants with zippered pockets, sunscreen, real deet ( not that off stuff) etc. I'm confident.


  1. Congrats to Angie for all her accomplishments! You're rightly one proud mama. :)

  2. Congratulations to Angie! Wow, track star and scholar. Ask Angie to take some pictures for your blog. I would love to see Ecuador through her eyes. That is going to be a fantastic experience for her.

  3. I plan on sending her with a whole bunch of memory cards


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