Sunday, April 26, 2009

Knitting Updates

Sorry, I haven't updated my projects for a while. I finished seaming and bordering and weaving the afghan for VJGC. Good thing I got a kick in the ass... I had forgotten there are bonus points for 'ghans postmarked by tomorrow. But as the Taco Bell chihuahua said "I'm gonna need a bigger box!" I REALLY SHOULD HAVE MEASURED BEFORE I DID THE BORDER! It measures out at 36x50. Th acceptable measurements are 35-40x45-50. If I realized how close the length would be I'd have single crocheted the 2 short ends. But fortunately it does meet the specs.

VJGC afghan

I have also been working on the spring tea cozy - I am determined to finish by next weekend so I can start pondering a red/white/blue themed one for memorial day- july 4th. One side is done- I have started the second side. The first side is on stitch holders because once I seam the 2 pieces together I am going to crochet a circle to finish the top. I am then going to crochet some little yellow flowers for the top. Because I dropped a sharpie and there is a black spot right under where the stitch marker is, and unlike the blingy shamrocks I don't think I have any yellow bling for this cozy.

spring cozy

Now that the afghan is done, (yes time to start something else!) I've had some more time to work on my evil stepmom socks on lunch so here is where I'm at now:

new attempt at evil sock

other side of evil sock

Today's Sunday and NASCAR is at 'dega- so we all know where I'll be this asfternoon -GO SMOKE!! I forgot all about a NFL draft party yesterday, so to make ammends and since I'm grilling for a bunch anyway, I invited a Jeffie fan to come watch. ugh.


  1. everything looks wonderful Love how the blankie turned out and the tea cozy will be adorable, and you always knit cool socks!!!

  2. Projects look great. I can't wait to see the cozy. Great colors together that just pop.

  3. Wow, everything looks wonderful. You work really fast! So much accomplished in such a short time. I agree with Grace your socks are cool.

  4. I think the sock looks great. You shoud do a youtube video on picking up stitches and continuing to knit in the round. Great colors.


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