Saturday, April 18, 2009


I just realized I brought my camera yesterday and didn't take a single picture!!!! Oh that seriously sucks!!!


yesterday, after work, I drove down to philadelphia. It was supposed to be a 2 hour and 7 minute drive but took me over 3 1/2 hours. Traffic came to a standstill on the turnpike right after the truck/car lane split. I should have played with the trucks, they were moving until it merged again. Then - thank God when I was playing with Google maps I decided that the less time I was on the turnpike the better so I had changed the route to go 195 to 95 around trenton, it was more miles but seemed better. Well the blinky highway warning sign said the turnpike was CLOSED at exit 4!!! ( I got off at 7a) there was no traffic on 95 so I was happy again. Then in PA approaching Philly it stopped again because the initial traffic put me going into Philly during rush hour!!

Now the reason I was going to Philly - as most of you know I'm on ravelry a lot and as all of you know I'm a serious NASCAR fan. On Ravelry I belong to a few groups that are NASCAR related. There are a bunch of people that are the "core" shall we say group of people on the groups that have become good online friends. One of these friends Min, lives in Philly. We keep saying we need to get together and meet up. ( She doesn't have a car so it's more complicated than meeting halfway) We do have a side bet going on for this NASCAR season as to Tony making it into the chase. (top 12 drivers that go for the championship during the last 10 races) Well right now TOny is 5th.. YAY Tony! The bet is loser has to travel to the winners city for sushi. Yes another of my infamous win/win bets.

She contacted me earlier in the week because Sara, another friend, was coming up to Philly ( she had met sara irl last fall when delivering all the afghans we made for the Victory Junction Gang Camp) and we could surprise her. It was really great to finally meet Min and Sara. We went out to a sushi restaurant and met up with a bunch of Min's friends. Everything was totally yummy. the restaurant had a great deal - $24 all you can eat , 20 pcs per round, 2 hours max. But the catch was they charge you $1 for every piece you don't eat. They had a great dessert roll. Fried banana - sounds weird but so delicious!! And they gave us a piece of some kind of lime pie to share. One of Min's friends is a fencer - she fences epee, must have a long attention span, but kinda cool.


After Min, Sara and I went back to min's to watch the nationwide race and I got to meet felix and oscar (min's kitties) and Foster (sara's kitty) . We got to bed well after midnight. ( impressive since I had been up since 245am) (I woke up to pee at 3am- damn habits and Oscar was in the bed next to me - how sweet was that? Felix likes to curl up in things and was in a printer paper box lid for part of the evening so I gave him one of the cat snuggies in my back seat . ( I haven't been able to get in contact with the lady that was making them) I got back up at 545 so I could be at Angie's school for the relays they sponsor. Schools come from as far away as Jackson NJ and farther. I had to help set up the concession stand and work it until noon. It took just under 2 hours including stopping at the first rest stop on the turnpike for gas and coffee.

While I was gone, Curt missed me so much he finally recovered everything off the broken hard drive:) Actually while he has travelled a bunch of times for work and he and Angie have been to Louisianna w/o meet several times, I have only left them one time for work when I was still in store mgmt. they missed me - how sweet! When Angie got home from the relays ( she came in 9th out of 24 for shot - and she's just the backup shot thrower - but she fouled in disc :( she asked about how it went - she wants that fried banana roll! But she says I should go again - just not really soon. She said she'd tell her dad she gave the thumbs up!

Of course since Min is going to lose the bet, she'll be coming up here!!

Grace - hope you survived tonight - good luck with tomorrow I'll be thinking of you! I got your tag - it will have to wait until tomorrow!

As I said - forgot to take pic's all pics courtesy of the web.

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  1. round one over

    get this TOm is really sick Debb and Jeannie are really sick Rob bailed on us like we knew he would

    glad you had a good time, and can't wait to hear all about it


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