Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordy Wednesday?

new t-shirt

here's the new shirt I got on my little shopping expedition to Montclair last week, such a shame they are closing. I also got 2 hanks of MMMalabrigo Superwash Merino sock yarn in stonechat and velvet grapes:

MALABRIGO superwash merino sock

malabrigo superwaSH MERINO SOCK

I did finish my smoke cowl as I mentioned in a previous post. Here's the finished picture- but it still needs the ends woven and it meeds to be blocked.

smoke cowl

I also frogged the breeze socks in the Evil Stepmother yarn. The yarn and the pattern did not complement each other at all. I re cast on and am making a basic anklet with a picot edge ( I must be into picots)

redo on evil stepmother yarn

I haven't gotten too far on the cozy - here's the update/ Hopefully I'll get done before spring is actually over.

cozy almost..kinda?

I only have one more square, which is currently halfway done, before I can seam up my lates Victory Junction Gang Camp Afghan. Here's the lates square:new green square I really really want to maybe finish the square on lunch tomorrow and seam it up tomorrow night. I really want it done this week - reasons to be revealed next week ( sorry - only 2 people who may be reading this may have a clue as to why, and if they put it in their comments I'm not going to approve them!)

And finally I'll leave you with a pick of ANgie fooling around with my scarf on Easter - I call this pic - Angijemima!



  1. the picture of ANgie is fabulous, as is all of your crafty items!!!

    I know but not saying!

    off to knit, tom is napping have a great night!

  2. The tee-shirt is great! I love the picot edge on the anklets, wonderful use of the yarn. Congrats on getting so far on your other projects. Angie is so cute, even when being silly.

  3. Your knitted stuff is mahvelous, and your daughter is beautiful. Yeah, that sums it up! :)

  4. and another thing! You have been knitting the least amount of time of all of us Mara-knitters, and you totally taught yourself, you are doing a darn good job!!!

  5. ok Grace - you know I have a short attentionspan - responding to my comments on your blog on my blog ( if that makes sense ) just confused the bllep out of me!


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