Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm cheating

My friend Grace, sent me a weird e-mail, but I decided it would make a great lazy post so except for the first question which wouldn't make any sense here it is:

Has your birthday come and gone this year or yet to be? I'm a late fall baby. Here's hoping to snow on my birthday!
Tell Us about your immediate family My sweetie is a total enabler to all my obsessions, but doesn't cook for me :( Although come to think of it, I like cooking and don't want to share! Angie is the picture in the dictionary next to over acheiever. Good kid, cares about people (didn't get that from me) really bright, athletic . Now do you see ehy I had to stop at one?? A second would have been way to risky!
Do you have an absolute favorite color? I like bright bold colors, red, orange. I like deep dark colors black, garnet. I REALLY DO NOT LIKE PASTELS!! Keep the pink, mint, lavender, away from me! I am very against beige - pick a damn color already! HATE white cars - pick a damn color already!!
If you could never knit another stitch what would your favorite craft be? I'm going to cheat here and say crochet. hee hee hee.
If you could only have one yarn to knit with for the rest of your life what would you pick? Either fiber or brand will do! MMMMalabrigo ( how easy was that?) Thank God for the internet(or Al Gore if you/re a demoncrat) lots and lots of yarn just a click away!!
You and a friend go out shopping for the day and stop at a tea room, but this particular tea room serves Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate ----Which would you pick and why Ok, have you never met me?? It would definitely be coffee, preferably an espresso based drink. Inless it was between 4 and 6, then it might be hot tea, cause I switch to tea in the late afternoon, although if it were really hot ( over 85) and they didn't have iced coffee I'd go with unsweetened iced tea. When it's actually snowing or I'm skiing is the only time I drink hot chocolate ( and usually it has a shot of ameretto or zambucca or other happy juice)
If you could eat only one fruit forever what would it be?Strawberries
If you stood with your back to someone and held your arms straight out to the sides like a +. What would you measure from elbow to elbow. No one's home right now so I have no idea!

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?new style?? what new style?? I almost never blow dry my hair, rarely actually comb it with anything other than my fingers, so a style is kinda pointless. Also, since I am very paranoid about not being able to put it in a ponytail when it's hot (over 75) I only cut it once or twice a year. So the only thing is how long do I want the back, do I want it straight across or angled down toward the center, and I usually get a face frame done. I'm making up for all the hair spray etc I used in the 80's!

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  1. Based on your recommendation I am going to order some Malabrigo yarn. I would choose crochet too.


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