Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend Gardening part 2

potting part 1potting part 1

Pots started and trays waiting for pots.


ok- can't see it but there is a cucumber coming out the bottom.

tomato & basil

Juliet tomato, purple basil and thai basil

sweet 100 and sweet basil

Sweet 100's and Sweet Basil

sweet 100's & small leaf basil

grape tomatos and small leaf basil

herb box

herb box 1


Angie's fushia

Part 3 will be later in the week.

Knitting updates coming.


  1. a lot of plants in a small spot!! Too cool, I had a dream with you in it this morning, we were at a class to make quilted tea cozies and then headed to the Westside Diner for lunch, but first you took a curling iron to my hair!!! It was crazy!

  2. Wow, you did a lot of planting! I love the tomato and basil combos. Tell Angie her fushia is really pretty. I love fushias, but it just is too hot and dry in the desert sun for them here. Maybe I'll get one anyway. Even having one for a month will be better than never having something so beautiful around.

  3. Great pictures of your container gardens. The fushia is very pretty.


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