Friday, June 26, 2009

On a soap box

You guys know I really don't get up on a soap box often. I really don't see my blog as the place to deal with issues open to debate. But a friend of mine, Min from Philly sent me the link to this commercial I AM REALLY REALLY INCENSED BY THIS. The commercial implies that to be of 2 different races is a "contradiction". So, me, my brother, my daughter - we're all contradictions??? Fuck them!! Seriously. Starburst is owned by the Mars Corp. A privately owned company that makes M&M's, 3 Musketeers, snickers, bounty, combos, Dove chocolate, Greenies dog bones, kudos, milky ways, Pedigree, cesar dog food, sheba and Whiska's cat food, skittles. twix. I am not buying any of their f'ing products. Seriously!!


  1. What Min says I love you too and I promise not to buy any of those products either!!!!
    Me the white grandmother of a black granddaughter, a mixed race granddaughter and on and on
    I'm still blushing

  2. The Mars marketing people are idiots. Don't buy their products, they are full of transfat and other unhealthy things.


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