Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pocono Part II

Yesterday's post (ok last night's really) was pre race stuff from 6am to 12ish. Today we'll do actual pre-race.

Newman & Shrub
When we went back in the track, the cars were lined up on pit road, here are Ryan Newman's 39 (Tony's teammate) and Kyle "shrub" Busch (TOny's ex-teammate.

Tony & Jeffie
Tony's car lined up in front of Jeffie's car

so exciting the track couldn't contain itself
The track had some water issues

more oompa loompa's needed
If you look carefully the oompa loompas have broken out brooms and leaf blowers!!

more oompa loompas
then they decide that nooo let's not use the jet dryers let's get the port a potty sucker! For the record they did eventually bring in the jet dryers and then had to shut it down 'cause no one could hear the openning ceremonies!

My sweetie Dexter Bean after driver intros

ryan and shrub
Ryan NewmaN ANd Kyle Busch after driver intros

Tony after driver intros

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  1. Wonderful photos, almost like being there.


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