Sunday, June 14, 2009


I don't often hawk stuff, but you must check out this dyer. Back story - I make afghans for Victory Junction Gang Camp. Since the NASCAR community and many drivers personally have been hugely supportive of the endeavor, a group of knitters on Ravelry have an afghan making competition based on driver. My driver is Tony Stewart if you couldn't guess.
To defray the delivery costs of the afghans in the fall, an etsy shop has been created. Some really creative people have contributed to the shop.

I purchased some great stitch markers that say (heart) Tony (2 of these) and one that says (heart) smoke. Sara makes them to say whatever you want. As she really despises Tony, I'm very impressed they came out so great! I don't have a picture as they are in use in my bag in the car.

Jenn makes these really adorable pins called WIP (work in progress for non knitters) The truly sad part is I purchased this pin for a gift.

WIP pin

Now brook, is a hugely talented dyer who doesn't follow NASCAR at all (Min has totally dropped the ball here) but she created a line of NASCAR inspired yarn. This yarn is 99 based on the AFLAC color scheme of Carl Edwards. I got it for a swap and now that I physically have the yarn it may kill me to mail it out,

triton 99

Finally, she made a yarn based on Tony's #14 car. It is 50% organic cotton - have to find out what the other 50 % is.
But it is gorgeous.

tony inspired

If the NASCAR inspired colors don't move you you can check out her shop
She has gorgeous yarns and rovings and needles etc. etc.


  1. beautiful yarn, love the Tony color and I don't follow Nascar!


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