Saturday, June 13, 2009

Non- Nascar stuff!!

Other things have been going on besides my recuperation from the race. Angel is going to be in the honor guard at graduation this year. Go Angie!! It rained ALL week!! All week. (The only place I burned last weekend was my neck, cause I'm new at this whole sunscreen thing and forgot to sunscreen it. So I was a bit peely despite all the aloe, cocoa butter and lotion I've been putting on it. I think the apron at work caused it. But I told people I was growing gills) SO my herbs have been growing like crazy, but the veggies aren't. We've had yummy pesto and dilled salmon. Along the cooking line, since the berries smelled sooo good at Apple Farm I made:

strawberry/blueberry crostada
A mini-strawberry/blueberry crostada for me and Angie

peach/blueberry crostada
I made peach/blueberry for Curt, cause he doesn't do strawberries. I was going to glaze them with melted peach jam, but it was late and I wanted to eat them.

On Ravelry, I'm in a group called squares squared link will only work for Ravelry members. the group does weekly squares in a loose checkerboard theme. I've been making the squares to go around number squares for my next Victory Junction afghan. There are bonus points for early dates this year ( I guess to make it easier on Min rather than getting them all in the fall.) So 6.22 is the date. I'm not sure if I can finish in the next 9 days, but I'll give it a shot. I'm working on a 14 square ( in red of course) right now. I'm in a beach swap on the group. The swap involves sending three or four squares around a beach theme in cotton yarn that can be used either as cloths or added to a blanket or throw. And a beach bag - the bag can be either knit, crocheted or sewn. I'm not telling what I'm doing because I don't know if my partner has found my blog ( I say found like they have to look! it's linked off my ravelry profile for those of you not on ravelry) and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

For myself I've decided on a small throw for cool summer nights ( um Mother Nature that's a hint COOL breezy summer nights not hot humid sticky nights like last night ok?) I'm going to do beach symbols like smiling sun, beach ball, light house, seagull, sand castle (my partner sent me a great link to rachel who has some really cute patterns including flip flops, a bikini, a one piece) And some just wavy squares. It took a while to find the colors I wanted. I wanted kinda soft colors. My friend Jenn had custom dyed yarn made to remember the gulf coast of Texas which she will be leaving soon. The yarn had the colors of the sun, the sea and the sky. It came out gorgeous. So that inspired me, because originally I was looking for white blue and green and wasn't happy with what I was finding. So I went with green, blue and beige and I think it will just what I want:

beach throw yarn

Angel used my car to go see Land of the Lost last night, so Curt and I decided to go do something. We ended up going to this amazing bbq (real smoked slow cooked bbq) place in Wharton called HOT RODS link will work for everyone. Curt had ribs , I had pulled pork (was deciding between that the Texas brisket and the jambalaya) we both had red beans and rice, really good cornbread and hush puppies both with honey butter (yum!) I had a seasonal beer called beach bum, curt had cricket hill's IPA. Then we split an apple thing with ice cream and caramel sauce. mmmmm. I found out recently that Cricket Hill ( which is only 20 minutes from here) now does tours and tasting - definitely on the to do list for the summer! We ended up getting home AFTER Angie! How cool is that?! I know I'm sad...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Your pics make me hungry and mentioning the BBQ does as ell. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great weekend :)

  2. The crostadas look delicious. Sounds like you have a lot of squares to make. The beach colors are lovely.


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