Monday, June 22, 2009

It isn't raining!!

We actually had a few hours of sunlight this afternoon. I of course spent that whole time in the laundromat because I was too unmotivated with all the rain last week to do laundry. I'm still trying to motivate to bring in the rest of the stuff from the car. So I really didn't get to go out and revel in the sun!!

Yesterday it stopped raining for a few hours and I took some pictures of my container garden. I need some more sunlight so the tomato and pepper plants start growing. Right now the only thing growing is mint, basil and dill weed.

tomatoes and basil




bell peppers


  1. The basil looks wonderful! The peppers do too. Everything looks healthy. I hope you get some sun soon.

  2. nice to be growing these right in your house like that. What a great green thumb :) Aloha

  3. ahhhh i see some peppers there, and the sun is out today!!!!

  4. I love the garden pictures almost as much as I love knitting pictures.


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