Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pocono Part I

I have decided to spread my Pocono NASCAR weekend out over a couple days or this post will take a couple of days to read.

Tony has the pole
If you read my blog from Friday, it rained really hard, so qualifying was cancelled and Tony by virtue of being first in the points standings had the pole. Unfortunately he spun during practice on Sat and switched to his back up car, and had to drop to the tail of the field and actually started 43rd :(

After shopping through the trailers ( yes as jeff foxworthy says just 'cause you see a redneck leave a store w/o a bag - does not mean no purchase was made) As miss redneck herself models the sweatshirt she just purchased.

diggers trailer
Cannot believe A: digger has a trailer B:people were buying stuff. But I mostly am putting this picture on to traumatize my Nascar fan friends ;)

Angie in chevy's tent
Checked out the Chevy tent among others. ( The best buy trailer was nice and cold - serious air conditioning - we luv them)

Angie tailgaiting pre-race
Angie relaxing after a hard morning shopping ( yes new t-shirt)

curt tailgating
Curt relaxing after I literally walked him a couple miles around the trackside area ( not around the track )

how cool is this shirt?
This guy was in front of me in line at Tony's trailer - love his shirt!!

perfect view of Tony's pit
While we were walking to see where bobby was pitting - I checked out the awesome view I would be having of TOny's pit all race -( Angie had a really good view of Bobby's pit so all were happy)


  1. Very cool pictures. I would love to go to a race someday. But only if I can go in with a camper and sit on the roof. I hate being smushed into crowds of people especially seated in them.

  2. That is a wonderful view of Tony's pit. I love fun T-shirt sayings, thanks for sharing.


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