Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Knitting Updates

I did get some knitting done in the last week. I recently joined a group on Ravelry called Squares Squared. They are a fun group, most of whom are using the weekly patterns for dishcloths. Now as the group's name implies the squares have squares on them kinda like stylized checkerboards. So I have been bumping up the needle size to 9 or 10 and am adding a repeat if necessary to get a roughly 10 by 10 out of red heart soft, super saver or vanna's choice yarns. I will add these squares to squares with the 39 and 14 on them to make a red white and black stewart afghan for Victory Junction Gang camp.


red checkers

hip to be square

hip to be square

Hip to be Square

7 ridges

I work on my sock about 20 min a weekday during my lunch break. Here is how far I've come on the regia kaffe fasset sock.


Hopefully, I'll get my carpet truck on time for a change on Friday and I'll be able to make it to Mara's for knitting group!! Knit picks shipped my yarn swift yesterday- I can't wait to get it! I haven't received my Scab yet :( And I'm waiting for my 14 yarn from an Etsy shop I'll write about it as soon as I have pictures to post.


  1. Scab? That use to be a nickname for my youngest uncle who liked to pick them. EWWWW

    What is your Scab that you are waiting for?

    Awesome knitting!

  2. The squares look great! I love the sophisticated colors in the self striping yarn. The socks are coming along fabulously.

  3. Yeah Carl!!!!!

    how you doing I have been better, I caught what you had a couple of weeks ago, I want to kill everyone!!!

    Love your projects


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