Monday, November 8, 2010

Cold Rainy Monday

Am I the only one who enjoys a cold rainy day??  Judging from all the grousing I've heard I feel like I must be.  An mind you I was outside in the rain dealing with trucks for an hour, the only annoying thing is the droplets on my glasses, bet that was no biggie.  I always say I'm not sweet, so I'm not going to melt.  

So I only have one minor thing to report on the project me front.  I bought myself a birthday present.  It is currently in the hall closet, because I'm not going to play with it until my birthday, so you guys will have to wait until them to see it.  Curt laughed  when he saw it and I have a feeling some of you may as well.  But he did admit even if my hints included printing out the items and the store and taping them to his forehead, he probably wouldn't have taken the hint and gotten it, because he would have thought I wasn't serious.... MEN!!

Some quick news about Angie, that those of you on Twitter ( ahem ..... Grace....) already may have seen.  There was a big tournament , the Temple Open, schools from all over the country were there ( Angie made friends with a girl from Georgia Tech Jean!!) Now, remembering that Angie is a freshman, and has had success at tournaments, but only in NJ, NY, CT, MD and PA - not national tournaments.  She finished 20th out of 71 women sabres.  She finished 2 positions ahead of her old captain from high school who fences for Haverford now. So woot! (or shoudl I say Hoot?)  Great Job Angie!!

Lastly, it is November 8th.  One of my best friend's older brother was assigned to this unit after this battle went down, he's still in the service, plans on retiring next year.  My friend was 4 in 1965, I wasn't born yet.  But since it came out, this song always chokes him up and he plays it like a million times, especially today.  And I love John Rich.  So I'll share with you.


  1. I do love a cold rainy day and was in my glory all day==still no car maybe tomorrow!!! Is your present what you showed me at Mara's Way to go Angie!!!

  2. Nope, I can't get that for me!! You seriously will laugh your ass off, but will not guess it!! Even if you walked by some.

  3. I always knew Angie was a woman of discriminating taste in friends! :) Congrats to her on the fencing tournament!!

  4. I can't wait to see your birthday present. I am intrigued.


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