Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finished another project, friends baby, hyper

I cast on a hat on Wednesday with some stash.   So as a quick knit, it is finished!


When I was driving from Target to Shop Rite running my errands this morning and I saw my friend's baby.  Since I don't know when she gets to pick it up I'm posting a picture so she can see it's ok and somewhat happy, despite missing her:


You Are Hyperactive

You have a ton of energy! The trick is trying to figure out where to direct all your excitement.

You see possibilities everywhere you look. It's easy for you to be inspired.

Your creativity really knows no bounds. You're always up to something amazing and interesting.

You have an active mind and spirit. You can't sit still, and why should you?



  1. It took me a minute, but I realized who and what your friends baby is and she is home and all fixed, we picked her up last night, went to AC Moore and Olive Garden!!!!

    Happy Birthday Eve!!!!!!


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