Sunday, November 28, 2010


Haven't spent a lot of computer time online since Thursday, so here are some Thanksgiving highlights. Brought everyone wine ( yeah that I don't usually drink, but sigh, they aren't beer people) Now one of the things that tickles me to death, is to find a pretty decent wine that has a name that amuses me.  This time it was Sweet Bitch.   One that was red colored and one that was white colored ( didn't look that closely, I think the white was a chardonnay, no recollection of the red. ) I had some at my mom's and it seemed good (considering it was wine)  Now it did loosen up the sticks up my sister and her boyfriends butts, and I got a picture:


My father in law made the Angie's southern tummy happy with a .... cauldron of gumbo.  He has been her sidekick since she started toddling around and learned she had him wrapped around her fingers if she flashed her dimples at him.  So here's Gramps and the Angie: 

Angie & gramps

Angie has had a bucket list since she was about 5. (seriously youngest person to have a bucket list- and has been working on the list just as long) One of the things that has been on her list for quite some time  has been to have a tur-duc-en.  



The Diamond Twins - aka Curt's sister Erica and cousin Oliva

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your family. Sorry you had to work on Friday. This was my last Black Friday Sale. It was the second time with the camp out thing but last year no fights.


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