Friday, November 19, 2010

Yesterday Calvin and his stuffed sidekick Hobbes turned 25.  I think they are my all time favorite comic strip.  And - don't ask - but if it weren't for Calvin and Hobbes,Curt and I may never have gotten married.  Man, I'm old!

It's been a rough several weeks, for my friends and their friends, children dieing, cancer, strokes, You name it and it's happened to someone my friends know.  Closest to home is a woman at work Orchid.  I always thought she was at least 10 years older than me , mid fifties I figured.  I was shocked to learn she is only 2 years my senior.  She has diabetes that she has not been able to really get a handle on.  She has some kind of bone issue and has had stress fractures in her feet twice in the last 2 years.  She has become mostly a couch potato. She was in the hospital a couple of months ago  because circulation issues almost cost her her foot. 

She's pretty much alone in the world except for her cat.  Her parents are both gone.  They were only children.  Her last grandparent died a few years ago.  her husband passed away before I met her.  He was an only child and they never had children.  He had an uncle, but last summer Orchid discovered him dead in his kitchen.  The only real person she has is another woman I work with Denise. they have been BFFs for over 15 years.  

Last thursday she had a fluttering heartbeat, was having trouble breathing, started sweating even though she was cold.  Her doctor had her call an ambulance and after 5 aspirin was wisked off to the ER.  On Friday they did one of those cath scope tests.  Found out she had 3 arteries over 90% blocked.  AND found damaged heart tissue.  While she didn't have a heart attack last week, she had , had one in the past. They had to take her off of the cumidin she took for her bp, and for the aspirin to come out of her system.  They did a triple bypass, using a vein from her good leg and 2 chest veins.  and they installed the wires for a pacemaker which she'll receive in the next few weeks.  She came through the surgery well, but has a tough recovery ahead of her.

Scary how something like that makes me think about my life a little deeper.

Prayers and good thoughts out for Orchid and all of my friends' friends that need them!

You Are Reflective

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