Monday, November 15, 2010

I wish it were Dec 26th!

It is now 39 days until Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I love the lights, the trees, the sparkle, the twinkle.  I love the cookies, the spiced cider, the smell of cinnamon, the plum pudding, the sugar fruits.  I love the music, both the classical, orchestral and popular.  I love the Grinch, Rudolph, the Island of Misfit toys (can I retire there?) Snow Miser.  I love Chevy Chase freaking out over Christmas lights.  I love the Sound of Music (one of my all time favorite movies, but I never understood why they always play it on tv at Christmas time)  I love when someone's eyes light up when I give them the perfect gift.

I hate shopping.  Seriously.  Not just at this time of year, but always.  I have several sets of the same pair of jeans.  They fit, looked good and were on sale.  I bought all the ones in my size.  Sad isn't it?  I also have the conundrum, of not a lot of kids anymore.  Kids are fun to shop for. (ACTUAL  children on my list are done.  No way in hell I'm going in a toy store/toy department from now until mid-January.)  Adults not so much fun.  The adults in my life are especially boring.  My sister and sister in law have very few interests, none of which are conducive to gift giving.  My brother and husband are the type of people who don't want/need anything because if they did, they already bought it.  Several of my friends are not in really good financial positions and I'm trying to figure out how to tell them I don't want to trade gifts.

Then there is the Angie.  She's kinda tough to shop for.  Most of her clothes she needs to actually try on. It's hard to predict what she'll like.  What she really wants is gift cards and money to go shop for herself.  I already bought her several little things, and I told her to tell me the one thing she really wants.

I'm only making a couple people yarnie things.  But mostly because they really look forward to handmade gifts and would be disappointed if they didn't get anything.

This whole thing is turning me into a Grinch!!

I wish I could just go out to lunch/coffee/dinner/beer with each person, with good one on one conversation and call it done.  Sigh....

So how apropos is this quiz?

You Are a Reluctant Shopper

You really don't enjoy shopping. For you, it's just another chore.

You approach shopping systematically. You research what you're going to buy and come prepared with a list.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to not buy things you don't need.

You try to de-emphasize stuff in your life. You find shopping and buying things to be a rather empty experience.



  1. If I am one of those financially strapped friends, i appreciate the pass this year, I have your birthday all done, and you were wonderful for mine, so lets keep it at that, Whew another one on the list checked off!!!!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Shhh. No mentioning the December holiday until Santa comes in the parade on Thanksgiving.


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