Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Forgot to show you..

I was reminded that although I posted my finished Kimmy and Kimmy's Dumpling bag on Ravelry, I never posted it here to my blog.  So without further ado Kimmy:

Kimmy's Dumpling - made from Kimmy's scraps - will hopefully be lined at some point and used as a sock project bag.


What happened to Samantha you may ask.  I am still working on some finishing touches, you will probably see it next weekend.

I started a project, probably for the Angie with yarn I bought on a crawl through the Philly area, sponsored by her kewlness Min, when Angie was in orientation.


I am knitting it up on size 15 needles... blech.  When I first started knitting I was convinced I would never, never knit with anything smaller than an 8.  Now I say nothing smaller than a 1.  And 15's feel very unwieldy, I will power through and finish. 

In my 52 in 52 group ( we plan on knitting/crocheting 52 items in 2010) I am done with 32.  The afghan and Samantha this weekend will bring me up to 34.  I am making some mini socks which should be quick knits... sigh.  I started the year off so well.  But, even though I am not ruling it out, I really don't want to resort to a handful of dishcloths on New Year's Eve.

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  1. Oh, don't go around calling me cool. People will only have expectations. :P

  2. Love the bag. I'll start crocheting and knitting when it gets a bit colder.


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