Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday stuff

dafs mar09

These daffodils were already planted outside the fron door when we moved in. They aren't big and showy, but the dirt there isn't the best , and they face west - getting the worst of the winter winds. There is also a purple flower, I never remember seeing before It's still a bud so I don't know yet:

dafs2 mar09

And I know that with the swap and the fact that I am using a modified version of those mitts in the same yarn, I haven't posted any fiber pictures recently. I brought in the squares I work on in my car at lunch for the VJGC afghan. (although I did work on the mitts last week)

blue squares

And one green square:
green square

My friend GrAce on her blog did a tuesday ten to do list today. ( say that 3 times fast) So since everyone is asking what I am doing on vacation next week - I'm not going anywhere, I need to use my last week before May20th and Angie is "off" school next week. I say"off" because she still has practice and 2 meets. Here is my To-do list for next week.

1. Take Angie down to Bridgewater so she can use her credit and get a new fencing lame'.

2. Empty out all the planters and windowboxes and spray them with bleach so they'll be ready to plant in a few more weeks. Also get a few summer bulbs planted and clean up the leaves and debris I didn't do anything with last fall.

3. Really clean my bedroom, and especially my closet and drawers.

4. Get the concession stand at the football/field track ready and running before tuesdays meet - work the stand on tuesday. ( no I aM NOT doing this one alone)

5. Finish my Smoke(as in Tony) cowl.

6. FIgure out if my wicked stepmother yarn is really happy with the pattern being knitted. And either finish the socks or frog the 1/2 sock I have done and use another pattern.

7. Finish the pink socks if it kills me!!

8. Decide what yarn/pattern for a spring tea cozy (let's face it it's a bit too late for Easter - at least at the rate I knit. Maybe my friend Grace or Jenn but not me) that can last until I do a patriotic one for memorial day to July 4th. Will probably need to buy yarn - it seems like a pastel project and other than pinks for Angel I really don't buy pastels normally.

9. Get my oil changed and take the car to the body shop over the ding someone gave it in the parking lot at work- the wheel well tore at the screws so at least that piece needs to be replaced. Not sure if I want to call the insurance company - after all I just added a teenager to the policy.

10. Get my roots dyed.

11. Need to get a few loose button shirts (that I don't button) to wear over tank tops in the summer at work.

12. Try not to get moldy, it's going to rain for the next 3 days, be nice on Sunday and rain again at least Monday to Wednesday.

13. Convince Grace that even though Sandy and Jacqui apparently most likely won't be able to do anything next week, that she should do something with me to get me (and her) out for at least part of a day! ( I know you'll read this Grace!)

And if you'll notice except for 1,3 and 4 I'm still sticking to the 2000mine theme.


  1. I am reading this, is definitely an ambitious list, and yes we must do something next week, the only day bad for me is the 9th, we have that stupid insurance audit, we can figure out a game plan and go somewhere for the day, Montclair? Chester? Tarrytown NY to Flying Fingers? etc, we can come up with something!

  2. The daffodils are lovely! So are the squares!


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