Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Knit a Lovesong, Moonshell Beach, When Snow Falls

When I'm grouchy I tend to read more.  I think it's a combination of escaping into a different place, and when I'm reading I can effectively tune everyone out around me.  So I've got three for you today. 

This is the first book I've read by Rachael Herron, and I really enjoyed it.  I read the first couple chapters 20 minutes at a time on my lunches and then I got to a point, that I brought the book home and just finished it.  Very well written, easy to escape into the world she creates.  Abigail inherits a cottage and the land it's on from her knitting/design mentor.  Her mentor's grand nephew inherits the main house and the sheep ranch that surrounds it. He isn't happy about sharing, thinks Abigail is a gold digger.  Surprise, surprise by halfway they can't keep their hands off each other although they are still hostile in between.  The only caveat I have - and it really isn't just the author's fault, it's sort of the genre - I am getting tired of the lead character escaping an abusive/stalker boyfriend/husband theme that keeps showing up.  Makes me want to stick my daughter in Rapunzel's tower, and makes me glad I'm married and not looking.  Still I gave the book 5 stars on Goodreads and requested the next book in the series from the library.  ( I think I've mentioned i really do like series books, where you can get to know the town and side characters more - plus even though the next book focuses on different people you can still find out what happens  to the earlier characters) 

Moonshell Beach is #4 in the Shelter bay series.  I kind of like the twist of bringing in an Irish Movie star for ex-Marine JT Douchett to fall for.  I have a thing for Ireland, so adding sections there appeals to me, and adding some Irish folklore really gets me.  JT is the last unmarried Douchett brother so I guess she's going to have to bring in more of their ex-military troubled friends to couple off.  Quick read, good escape.

It's the second and a half  book from whiskey creek (there was a novella to begin the series) Not a whole lot of updates on Gail and Simon they make a few cameos in this book.  Another quick read - misunderstood badass falls for the girl both live on the wrong side of town because of their parents.  A background mystery, siblings who need rehab.  The good thing about this series is that between Gail's friends and Dylan's brothers there are a lot of people to read more books about. 

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