Thursday, March 5, 2015

swaps are fun!!

One of the fun activities I occasionally take part in on Ravelry is the swaps some of the groups have.  Recently I was in the Chinese New Year's swap in the Tiny Owls Knit group.  The guidelines were - there needed to be something with a sheep (it's the year of the sheep/goat) something for the person's Asian zodiac sign (I'm the year of the horse) a handmade yarn fortune cookie (you may remember mine from last week - what a disaster!).  Asian New Year traditions were to be considered. For example - Red is a lucky color.

I received my package yesterday!! 

There's a (red) Tony Stewart backpack (race tracks here I come!) a yummy smelling olive oil/honey soap, dark chocolate ( I can eat the dark dark chocolates!!) a fortune cookie that is even more amazing with the troubles I had with mine, promising a yarny year!  There is the funniest sheep mug I've ever seen - the Irish sheep is on the inside rim and the bottom of the mug as well as on the outside - perfect for when I'm drinking my coffee, dreaming of winning a lottery and spending a summer knitting in thatch roof cottages in Ireland!!

And a red horse block ( I'm really not sure how Liz knew I was considering a red/black/white afghan with gold trim - has to match my Devils & 9ers gear!
At the bottom of the hand drawn note is the fact that there is one more thing.. can't imagine what else she could send... but the bit of a NASCAR flag intrigues me...

Thanks again LIZ!!!

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  1. miss doing swaps but money seems to always be an issue, you got some great stuff there---good for you!


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