Thursday, March 26, 2015

Looking Back

It was suggested recently, that since I did go through a long blogging dry spell, but not a crafting dry spell, that I should occasionally post pictures of past finished objects.  Since the sock I finished yesterday at breakfast with Grace is still in my car and it's drizzling (as much as I love snow and thunderstorms - I turn into a cat with cold rain... let's not even discuss how grouchy I get when my feet get wet!) Here are two items from the recent unblogged past. 

My Dreambird shawl.  Love this shawl- perfect colors for me, I wore it a lot over the holidays.  A lot of people making this shawl did variegated yarn (color changing) for the feathers with a more solid background - I went in the reverse.

The second one took about three months to make - and believe it or not the back which is plain except for the roadway at the waist took longer - because it was somewhat boring to knit a plain grey rectangle.. I gave it to Christopher for Christmas.


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  1. as you know my dreambird was the opposite that you described, I gave it to Paula, Tom's brother's girlfriend, and she loves it, and the sweater is perfection!
    and the verdict is still out on cables. Mine still look wonky in spots and I don't know how to tighten up the tension


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