Friday, March 6, 2015

Made recipes from Mario Batali & Michael Symon


Wow!  Totally get why they are both super star chefs!  Above is a picture of the chicken and dumplings I made from Mario Batali's new cookbook Farm to Table.  As a good southern girl, I have made a lot of different versions of this.  Usually it involves baked chicken, poached chicken, or picking the meat off of a rotisserie chicken.  When this recipe starts with a whole chicken cut into 10 pieces (bone in skin on) discard the backbone, I was kind of intrigued, but still unsure.  ( I did end up making excellent stock with the back, neck, heart, wings, extra leeks carrots and celery ) The dumplings are made with whole wheat flour, which is perfect for me - I didn't have to figure out how to adapt it to use the ww. There is fresh tarragon in the dumplings - more like drop biscuits and some sprinkled on top as garnish. Leeks are used instead of onions and I really love thyme.  Another touch that you  know I would LOVE, the addition of bacon with the veggies into the roux!!  This is now my go to chicken and dumplings recipe!!!


I made Michael Symon's venison sloppy joes also. (from his book Carnivore - I've had it awhile, haven't had a recipe not be a win yet!) I ended up using the Guinness instead of the red wine- the only reason I even have wine is to cook with, but I made the last minute decision to swap in the Guinness instead ( you can see I had both ready) Not all the Guinness went in the pot, some when in the chef!  Came out really, really, really yummy! Served it with fried pickle chips because I like some vinegar action when I have venison! 


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