Thursday, March 12, 2015


I haven't actually finished anything yet this month. Had some startitis issues.  I started an "F" bomb, a Shamrock Charm necklace - no pictures of these yet - the necklace needs to be finished for Tuesday obviously..  I haven't touched my vest since seaming the shoulders - I need to pick that up soon if I want to be done for Easter.


I did finish one of my Bow Knot Ankle Socks and started the second.


I started the left sleeve of my Sleeves.


I started a Hexagon Afghan with yarn leftover from my various projects for my nephew, Christopher.  Some of them are almost full rolls - but most aren't something I'd use for other things.  Of course, Miss Can't Follow Directions, screwed it up already.  I did hexagon 1, then hexagon 2, then I attached on the wrong side so am doing hexagon 7... sigh, It's very fixable though. The hexagons are connected with picked up stitches during the cast on, so they are knit together - no seaming needed (that's what drew me to the pattern)  I'm not using a self striping yarn like the pattern calls for - so at random points I'll switch colors to make "bullseyes"  and I'm (so far) weaving in ends as I go. 


  1. some of the pictures didn't show---don't know if it is me or you---like the idea of the hex afghan but if I start anything else.......................

    1. last comment was supposed to reply to you...

    2. IDK - I don't have a neutral computer - mine & my tablet & phone all have my google account logged in , I tried under safari and chrome (I'm usually on Firefox) and they showed... but if they aren't shareable they may still come up on my computer... I did 3 pics - the socks, a black triangle and the hex

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