Thursday, March 19, 2015

Not much to show

Not much to show on the crafting front this week.  I did finish the neckband of my vest, need to do the armbands, but that required more counting than I could successfully accomplish (had a low grade headache for most of the week) so no pictures on that yet.  I started a hexagon afghan for my mom from yarn leftover from projects I made for my nephew Christopher.  I screwed it up already - but I can work around it.  I made hexagon 1, then 2 then 7.. so I had to pick up 2 sides to do 3 and I'll have to fudge 4  a bit, 5 will be fine... no picture of this yet either.  I also got about 1/2 the foot of my second sock done.  Hopefully next week's post will be filled with pictures. 

What I actually have a picture of:


I crocheted a bunch of "charms" (shamrocks and some leprechaun hats) then crocheted a gold hatband and attached them.


close up

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