Monday, March 23, 2015

I need to rethink Monday and Tuesday.

When I decided to start blogging again, I came up with a sort of weekly outline to give it some structure:

  • Monday Musings:
  •      New things I'm learning/thinking about
  •      Coursera/Ted 
  •      Astronomy
  • Tuesday Training:
  •      Running
  •      Workouts
  •      Health
  • Wednesday Words:
  •      Books
  •      Articles
  •      Considering a language to learn
  • Thursday Twists:
  •      Crafty Updates
  •      Knitting /Crochet Projects 
  •      Ravelry
  • Friday Foodies:
  •      Recipes
  •      Restaurants
  •      Beers
  •      Veggie Gardens 
 Other than forgetting to finish a post (last wednesday's blog book review) I realize I do need to write some ahead and schedule them, because even though I have a plan for posts, if I get home late or tired from work I'm not always going to get those ideas to the computer. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are working out well.  I've been reading a lot, usually have been crafting somewhat and a girl's got to eat right??  Monday and Tuesday aren't working out quite so well however.  Apparently I think less than I thought for Mondays,  I dropped a bunch of Coursera classes that were just too ugh, I end up tweeting the cool stuff that's going on with the different Space probes and a blog posts of stuff I already tweeted seems lame. Other than "Hey! I worked out" which makes a boring Tweet much less blog post, I don't seem to have huge amounts to say on Tuesdays.

 So, much like Wile E.  It's back to the old drawing board.

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