Sunday, March 8, 2015

Inside Animals - more from Philly

One last carryover Lego picture - because one of those people looks surprisingly familiar...


We also checked out the brain exhibit- that was a lot of fun - I really likes the "steampunkish signs"

This was a weird thing that took a picture of you and then morphed it based on how much of your brain was connected to individual parts.. (that's Angie - of course her brain is probably not normal...)

They had a whole case of books aimed at female scientist/engineers and interested girls..

cold enough for a really cool ice sculpture copy of the Love sign.

I'm adding a page break here because some people may not want to see some of the animal pictures.  (7 pictures after the break) We saw the Human exhibit some years ago at the Franklin - and it was much larger, there were more different types of displays, and the animals were a tad bit disappointing.  They take animals that have died (no animals were actually killed for this) and plasticize systems, dissolve the rest and it gives an interesting look at the anatomy of the various animals.  I was somewhat a moron when I first saw this I thought "3 headed camel?" Then the Angie pointed out - it was cut in thirds so you could see different features...


I think Santa is going to be 2 short this year...

I did learn that the difference between a goat and a sheep- besides eating all your stuff- sheep can only wag their tails along the x axis, goats can wag along the x and y axes!  Who knew?

I thought the ostrich circulatory system looked creepy..

A bunch of teenage boys kept checking out the "oysters" on this one!

giraffe slices



  1. No mention of the visit with your catphew? He's seriously unhappy. :(


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