Monday, March 30, 2015


So, yes, I already took this class.  "aced" it even.  Why am I signed up for it again??  First, there isn't anything good on tv.. Second in the almost year since I took it there has been a ton of new info from different space robots about the solar system.  I realize a lot of the lectures will be the same, but I know Mike Brown HAS filmed some new ones (he tweeted about it => yes I can be a stalker fangirl sometimes)  Third, I still have my notes -so should be able to write on the left page to add info.  Fourth, the Caltech homework was available but not required and I didn't look at it - if it is still like that I want to give it a try.  Fifth, I really like Mike Brown's teaching style.  I've even  forgiven him for demoting Pluto, and have to admit he's right! Sixth, after dropping 4  classes with a lot of promise that turned out to be duds, I really need a guaranteed fun class!

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