Friday, March 27, 2015

Leftover Corned Beef?


I finally managed that elusive food - leftover corned beef!  Mind you - in order to obtain it - I bought 2 corned beefs - one was about 5.25 pounds, the other just over 2 pounds.  We had the smaller one on St Patrick's Day and some of that, plus the larger one was .. LEFTOVERS!!!!!

Last night we had hot corned beef with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and russian dressing on a mice crusty Russian rye (with seeds of course!)  But Sunday morning I made my chunky version of corned beef hash--- in a cast iron skillet - the best pan to make hash (You know who you are - yes, I'm pointing this out to you!  and Grace - don't get paranoid it isn't you ) 

the really tiny red potatoes- larger ones cut in half parboiled

some quartered/sixthed (don't think this is a word - but it's for the larger ones) Baby bellas

cast iron skillet with butter and olive oil heated  - I start the mushrooms first so they get a nice caramel and not weirdly waterlogged from the other ingredients.

add onion slices, lots of chopped garlic, red,yellow, green and poblano peppers

Some herbs de Provence - I like this brand - it's not overly lavender or rosemary spiced.



After this starts to brown - I barely smash the potatoes and put them in a layer on the bottom of the skillet (move stuff from half, put the potatoes down, put the stuff on top get potatoes in the other half) and press down so the potatoes get good contact to brown at the bottom of the pan. (this isn't a heavily potato hash- not a fan of the "hashes" that are basically meat flavoured potaotes)  I put large diced corned beef (when I make this from deli corned beef I have them slice it about 3/8" thick) and rough chop the carrots that I cooked the corned beef with originally,


I let them brown for a while before I turn, smash, let sit, turn, smash, let sit - until I decide they are done.


Then Curt got 2 poached eggs on his--- mine got properly peppered (never had a white egg white in my life!)



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  1. I actually knew it wasn't me----Tom always made his hash in cast iron---now he can't have corned beef or pastrami or turkey pastrami---oh gheezz


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