Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve


It's been raining all day here. Washing away all that wonderful Christmas snow. There goes my white Christmas. I was so tired I slept until 7am this morning! I put in 23 hours between Monday and Tuesday to get everything done so that I could go on vacation starting today. The good news ? I don't have to be back until 4am on the 5th. i am done with work for the year! Love how that sounds! I wrapped all my gifts this afternoon, realized I forgot something for my sister's boyfriend? don't know what to call him. Trust me he is very forgetable. I thought about driving to the liquor store to buy something genericish, but I figured on Christmas eve they would be just as crowded as the regular stores. Plus I didn't want to put on long pants. Sooo, yes, I am regifting. A Borders gift card. I am giving out a bunch of gift cards anyway. Just was having trouble getting into the whole Christmas spirit mood, so didn't want to shop. i did make my mom a cowl, gloves and hat, my sister and sister in law cowls, my daughter 2 cowls and socks. I got some 3 blind moose wine for a few people ( I really don't know the difference between different wines, always take the waiters suggestions when we go out, Curt doesn't drink wine so I only cook with it at home ( ok the cook sometimes finishes the bottle) ) so I kind of go for either pretty labels or funny names. I got my father in law a hobgoblin ale pint glass and pint gift set - once again funny name. I got my mom some cans of french escargot ( I can't stand the canned, made from fresh I can get behind.) but she loves them. I think I actually spent more time in PetSmart than in the people stores!

Now I'm watching Ice Age and cleaning. What fun (sarcasm).. Dnner's in the crockpot ( whoever invented those should be sainted or knighted or something)

Anyway - check out this link to a great knitted Christmas poem


  1. cool shot!

    and i hear ya. i am so done. beer's in progress...

    happy holidays!!!

  2. I am still making Christmas gifts. Ugh!!! It is a good thing I haven't seen the people I am making them for yet. Gift cards sound good right about now. I keep walking by the yarn I won from you and sigh. It calls to me, and I have to tell it, I am sorry, I have to finish these gifts.The yarn is so beautiful. Maybe I will make cookies this next year like the rest of my family. That won't take long.

  3. Heh there, did you survive the holidays, we are doing okay here just really tired and lazy.

    Hope we get tgether this week Grace


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