Saturday, December 6, 2008

No they're not done

no, angie and curt are not done with the tree. ( curt is just brut muscle - hee hee - angie wanted to do the tree herself this year)

So what have I been doing?? Well first I was up at 4:30am - wide awake - it's a curse - i finished Angies pink cowl. Pics soon, have to find the cable for my camera. I made breakfast (grits, eggs, bacon, coffee) then I had to run down to Livingston to see Lauren. Who is Lauren you may ask?? She is the lady that does my nails. She is awesome! I have only broke a nail twice since she's been doing them. (Both times she was on maternity leave were nightmares for my poor fingers) Yes, I broke/sheared one off yesterday. How you wonder?? Well, while I absolutely love the guy that normally delivers my carpet, I really think he is the only non-moron, non-useless, non-annoying, non-creepyyweird driver tht works for that company. So things have been slow, so they only have been working 4 days a week for like 3 weeks a month. ( still is 45-50 hours) But they keep giving him Fridays off! ( Ok he's been there a while and gets a 3 day weekend out of it ) But Friday's one of MY delivery days and I get one of the above implied moron,useless, annoying, creepy weird driver instead. So one of the rolls on the truck is a 12 by 61/2 foot roll- maybe 25 pounds tops. but rolled 12 feet long. So I ask the guy if he can grab the other side and walk it over to the special order holding cage with me - seemed like a waste to use a cart. Now if he couldn't handle this he should have said so- instead we get halfway there (it's only like 50 feet) and he dropps it, but twists it at the same time, taking half my nail with it. The profanities I issued forth with are not printable here. So she fixed it.

then I Came home and wrapped my Christmas swap gift for my Nascar Knitters group on Ravelry. I had to hermetically (zip loc) seal the jimmie johnson ornament I bought so as not to infect my house - shutter!! I will post more details and a pic next weekend in case my partner reads this blog ( I dont think so - she's never commented if she does - but just to be safe.

I have then alternated between posting on ravelry , knitting a sock and thinking about cleaning the living room. Sigh. Then I picked up like 5 things and I'm posting here.

Well no Britcoms on tonight (although celtic woman is on pbs) so I'm picking up fatburgers and cleaning this evening!

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  1. Hi, I'm from Ravelry, I can't wait to see pictures of the tree when you get it ready!


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