Sunday, December 14, 2008


I am actually posting this forward, just in case Bex reads my blog. I'm in a Christmas exchange for my Go Fast Knit Left (Nascar) group on Ravelry. Now I know I said no more swaps until after the new year, but I didn't have to knit anything so I went for it. unfortunately, I think on purpose on Min's part (the person setting it up) I got a Jimmie Johnson fan! Ugghh- that meant I had to go and buy something Jimmie Johnson ish. So I ended up buying a Christmas Ornament with Johnson and the 48 hood. I also got her a pound of holiday blend from Mara's - the coffee/dessert/now food place where my knitting group meets. They roast their own coffees and they are delicious. My favorite is mandeling ( can't spell it but can drink it) but they had none so I went with the Holiday blend. I also sent a bar of Jersey Girl chocolate (dark - it has antioxidants so it's healthy right?) and a skein of Classic Elite yarns Alpaca Sox. The sending yarn part was hard - the woman owns a yarn store. Truthfully I was going to try to find some handdyed in blue/purple but I forgot and ran out of time. But it is blue/purple her favorite colors so hopefully she likes it.



I put everything in individual zip loc bags, then wrapped the box in wrapping paper, then wrapped that in shopping bags and put it in another box, wrapped that in a brown bag (there was all kinds of printing on the box I found) taped the address labels on and taped the entire box. this box can fall in the ocean and not get the insides wet! i was also really paranoid about the packaging being compromised, so even thought the address is taped on, inside the first box is a postcard with her address, and inside the wrapped box is a Christmas card with her address on the envelope.

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