Wednesday, December 3, 2008

noro shawl

after the froggiing

Ok, maybe if I had swatched I wouldn't have frogged 5 times - different needles, different number of stitches. Maybe if i had actually read the directions I wouldn't have had to frog it the 6th time.

updated stole

So when I got to around here I realized there is no way in heck I have enough yarn for this. This was all that was left at this point of the first skein

yarn left  on skein one.

So that's when i read the label and realized there was only about 200yds to a skein,. I don't know why I thought it was 400ish. Of course I then also realized I didn't think it would be enough to do the shawl even if it was 400. So I had to pm grace (needles54) who is the most amazing shawl knitter, and ask. She says it is going to get bigger when wet blocking and I only need 2 more skeins, 3 if i want to do a crocheted border. I'm not sure yet. not that I don't trust her really, I'm waiting to get to the end of the skein. I figure since the 2 ends meet I'll use the same lot on the 2 ends and the 3 or 4 new ones in the middle. I really like how it seems to work out that every color change has it's own pattern repeat

close up of pattern

Then - yes this is seriously masochistic of me, I was considering trying to line up the color breaks on the new skeins so the center part has wider stripes - like to end up 3 patterns per color, by knitting 3 skeins at once. (I'm trying to picture it in my head - boththe finished project and the difficulty in bringing 2 yarns up the side )

So my plan is to finish with the skein I'm on and then bring it in to Mara's with me on Friday so Grace can give me an in person opinion ( see it's not grace I don't trust it's my photo abilities)


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