Thursday, December 11, 2008

I know I said no more afghans

I know I said no more afghans and no more deadline knitting...... but, you have to understand - the Hendricks team has a bunch of knitters and other drivers have bunches of knitters, and then there's me - tonyfan to the core. And judging from last season's points, Tony doesn't have a lot of people knitting for him. But that's ok, i don't share well either.

Anyhow, there were apparantly a lot of mismatch squares left over from last season's afghan competition. ( I now have the island of misfit toys song stuck in my head - thanks a lot) So there is an offseason competition with the points going to next season. A bunch of people are working as teams ( it seems kind of unfair that the same sze afghan can be worth 4 times the points just because 4 people worked on it, but she who runs it gets to make the rules) But as we all know I don't play well with others ( seriously - if anyone can find my "permanent record" it's on there... whatever became of all those permanent records they threatened us with??) and no one is even close to here ( well Min is in Philly - that's 2 hours away ) andI believe she is moving next week because she couldn't disinfect her old apartment of the TLV that jumped off my packages I sent her. The square were sorted into bundles, easy, medium, hard (not knitting skill level but pain in the butt level) I told her to send me a medium. She swears she closed her eyes and randomly picked, but this was my bundle:

starter  squares

I don't know if you can tell, but there is a 20 knit into the orange square. What deemed or doomed this square to medium is the fact that Victory Junction Gang Camp's colors are red, yellow, green and blue. And there are no blue and orange cars out there. Now I am definitely not a denver Bronco fan, and while I am a long . long, time Mets fan, there is only so much blue and orange a person could take. I was in Walmart this morning buyiing laundry supplies ( shop rite doesn't sell purple snuggle) and I went over to their yarn wall and found this yarn:

rainbow square

The yarn goes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. A true rainbow. So I'll make however many squares I can with it, then i'll make some green , red, yellow and purple squares. Then to work in the fact that there is a blue/orange square, I'll do green/purple, red/yellow. yellow/blue, orange/purple,red/green. And maybe a black/white checker in each corner . I think I need 20 squares(the ones I got are 10x9 so 4 across would be 40 and 5 down would be 45.

I have until daytona to finish, so that's 66 days, so 3.5 days per square and 6 for seaming.

Some times I wonder if Tony realises the things I do for him.....


  1. I love that yarn Mexicana Right, I have to look for it

  2. if i duplicated comments, i'm sorry! my 'puter's acting weird. sorry!

  3. I love the idea of putting the checker flag in each corner.


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