Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Knitting


Bulky mitt #1 - courtesy of grace's pattern - check out needles54 on Ravelry for it. The only issue I had was that when seeming the yarn pulled apart, so I had to start with another piece. Now I need to make another one. They are for my friend Denise, who works in receiving and is always freezing. I keep telling her fingerless gloves will keep her a bit warmer and she can still use her fingers. Of course she's freezing when it's in the 50's so I don't know how helpful they'll be.


I started this square for my off-season Victory Junction Gang Camp afghan. It was coming out an 8 inch square, so I frogged it. i then started over a few times, but when I went up enough needle sizes, it seems to thin. So now I'm using size 10 needles and doubling the yarn - Red Heart Designer Sport in Lemon Zest. I am now a little over halfway on the new square, but no picture yet. My friend, BrenMichelle on Ravelry has designed squares with most of the NASCAR numbers on her blog, check them out. This is the 43 for my daughter's favorite driver Bobby LaBonte (who of course, just announced he is leaving the 43 team) I pm'd her the other day to see if she is going to be making patterns for the 14 and the 39 ( Tony's teams) and she plans on having them up in January, so I can add them to the afghan. I am debating between the 11 and the 26 for my purple square, I'll do the 39(army) in green, the 14 (tony) in Red, a new Bobby square - 41 in red also (Target will be his new sponsor)

grace's party favors

These are the favors Grace gave out at her get together on Monday. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Grace remembers watching me pick off the onions on my salad every week, since I always forget to say no onions, and she made her salad onion free! Such a sweetheart!

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  1. A car number in each solid square will make your afghan so wonderfully unique.


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