Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A very gray, dreary rainy day. Blah. A good day to be at work ( can't do anything fun anyway) but would have been a better nap day! I'm so glad inventory is over i can't even tell you... but post inventory audits are going to take me over a week! it's funny all the rest of the people are all relaxed, its over etc. etc. The 5 of us are actually busier for the next 10 working days. (If you think I;m happy to see the carpet truck on a regular Wednesday you should have seen me today ;) On the bright side hardware is getting easier, I'm starting to figure things out.

Today, yes December 10th, my store manager finally signed off on my vacation for the end of the month. ( I only gave it to him in august - and the only thing seniority is good for in this company is if there is a vacation conflict, so i win HAA) So from DECEMBER 23 to JAN 5 I'll be on vacation!!! YAY!! ( I can never quit my job- I'm only a year and a half away from 5 weeks a year) Right now I have 4 weeks, I usually take the last week in dec. A week in Feb, a week in April and a week in July.

Due to the large number of hours I have already worked, I am only working from 4 am to 7am tomorrow, Yay! My plan is to take my mom out to breakfast, she lives a few miles from where i work. By the time we're done and I get back near home, the mall should be open for some Christmas shopping. Then in the afternoon, I'm meeting my knitting friends. ( I haven't knit at all in the last few days)

It's supposed to rain tomorrow also, as long as it doesn't get icy/sleety. I'd rather snow than sleet. quickly ducks to avoid everyone around here throwing stuff at me for mentioning the s word!

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