Thursday, December 4, 2008

What can I say

Ok, we'll call this post a generic rant. I don't really have anything important to say, or show you.

It's cold and it's raining. I'd rather it be snow. I know most people would disagree, but cold rain hurts my knees and is so freakin dreary - how am I supposed to maintain any sort of a Christmas spirit?

I know I give off an aura of all-knowingness and invincibility, but really underneath all of it i am a real person, honest. I can't take on responsibility for everything and everyone. I don't want to make all the decisions, whatever i think best may be a sucky answer people!! This is a rant aimed at my husband, daughter, best friend, store manager, other mom's at Angel's school, customers, vendors... will someone else occaisionally step up to the plate??

I just had my workload doubled. seriously doubled. Why you may ask?? because they don't want the person who usually does the extra work doing it. The person with the least amount of work who spends 6 hours a day doing other stuff is needed picking up the pieces left behind by the other useless people in his department. No answer as to what's wrong with the other 2 people, no not when I'm around. The answer? You do a great job, you have your department running smoothly, you manage to run the people that don't work for you, you always pass audits, you have great numbers, we're sure you can figure out a totally alien department filled with doodads, thingies, whatchamacallits, thingamajigs and doohickeys. Oh and the one person who knows stuff in said alien department?? will have him clean up the tile aisle for you in your original department!! Which by the way they were going to give to someone else for 2 months and then give it back to me ( all wrecked and broke I'm sure) So then I had to battle the it's my department if youlet someone else defile it I don't want it back.. mine...mine... mine.. you get the not so pretty picture, so then he's like so you'd be happier with double the work ---- yes my rock head gets me in trouble, but dammit it's MY department. Plus my method of stress releif is to unload the carpet cutie - i mean truck. My truck. So in the last 2 days since this was dumped on me I have spent a total of 2 hours in my dept ( including the truck) and 14 hours in hell, i mean hardware. Ok today wasn't as horrible as yesterday but still hell.


  1. I am sorry things are so messy at your job, but at least you can complain without fear of losing your job.

  2. Work can be so frustrating. I once had to finally leave a job I loved because we got bought out and the new Powers That Be had a different idea how to run things and it was just so opposite to what I did. For which I was winning costumer service awards in our region, but why ask me, right? They're the rich ones. They must know better. Sigh.

    Hang in there and don't worry about venting! That's what blogs are for. :)

    Try some hot cocoa or some good soup or egg nog or even just a nice, crackling fire. Dreary weather is just an excuse for wintertime treats. :)

    WebHUGS to you.


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